About C4D Support

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C4D Support C4D Support provides communication for development consultancy services in a variety of areas, including: in capacity development — curriculum development, e-learning, webinars, workshops and customised training; also, in the production of C4D resources and tools; in C4D strategy, research and evaluation; and in project management and C4D advisory support. The company gathers and links people who have C4D professional expertise and are available for consulting opportunities. These are individuals and institutions that provide C4D services to the broader development community –such as training and mentoring, strategy development, evaluation etc.  As a Network of peers engaged in C4D we want to highlight available talent and assist institutions to recruit the people they need in order to build and strengthen our sector, and ultimately the effectiveness of C4D as an area of practice within development. In addition to providing consultancy services C4D Support also nurtures and supports initiatives and entities to support the C4D sector – such as the C4D Network, and the C4D Network Service Providers Consortium.