Depth and Diversity

C4D Depth & DiversityC4D Support covers a range of relevant topics, including key development programme areas, main media platforms and channels, key services areas for C4D practice and practical tools and methods;

C4D & Agricultural Development / Food Security C4D & Health
C4D & Peacebuilding
C4D & Governance
C4D & Emergencies
C4D & Education
C4D & Economic Empowerment / Livelihoods C4D & Rural and Urban Development
C4D & Policy Influence / Research Uptake
C4D & Gender C4D & Child Protection
C4D & Early Childhood Development
C4D & Adolescents C4D & Inter-personal Communication C4D & Convergent Media (broadcast, print and digital) C4D & Broadcasting (TV & Radio)
C4D & Print Media
C4D & Social Media and Innovations

C4D Support provides capacity development services focusing on specific C4D approaches;

  • Introduction to Behaviour & Social Change Communication
  • Introduction to Social Mobilisation & Advocacy
  • Introduction to Media Development
  • Introduction to Communication in Emergencies

C4D Support provides capacity development services focusing on practical tools and methods;

  • How to develop a Theory of Change for C4D projects
  • How to build a C4D Communication Strategy
  • How to write a log-frame for C4D
  • How to develop a C4D Evaluation Framework
  • Key C4D Evaluation Methodologies (including Introduction to Most Significant Change Evaluation)