Edwar Hanna

Specialised in development, built environment, community empowerment and project management. Edwar leads the training design and delivery for the C4D Network consultancy arm; and leads the curriculum development process for C4D training. Edwar has a background in training, both in development and in the private sector and has led project management trainings and developed participatory workshops for a range of clients. Edwar is responsible for the Network training and materials development — for example, the ‘C4D & Peacebuilding’ resources that have been an on-going project with UNICEF for two years; this includes case studies from Burundi, Cote d’Ivoire, Pakistan, Sudan, and Yemen; a literature review, and a Toolkit. In addition, Edwar has project managed several Network projects — including capacity development around communications and entrepreneurship for youth in Syria, in partnership with UNICEF Syria. This delivered training of over 200 Syrian youth in 5 Syrian governances on social entrepreneurship and economic empowerment by using social media platforms.