NGO in a Box – Advocacy Toolkit (2007)

In 2003 Tactical Tech launched their NGO-in-a-box project — a series of toolkits designed to meet the specialised technology needs of non-profit organisations such as NGOs, activists, independent journalists and community groups.

As the name suggests, each toolkit was a ‘box’ containing a few different elements:

  • CDs containing specifically selected Free and Open Source Software
  • easy-to-use tutorials
  • hands-on guides
  • informative case studies

The proto version of NGO in-a-box was created for distribution at Tactical Tech’s Summer Source Camp in Croatia. Following from the success of this, the toolkit was then adapted for Africa, Asia and Latin America — compiled and distributed during AfricaSource, Asia Source and the Free Software Forum in Brazil.

C4D Support provided training around the toolkit rollout.